Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Too Hot!

Sam and I decided to keep Rachel and Samantha home from school today. It is an early dismissal day anyway due to the 98 degree heat. We all slept on the floor in the basement last night with a fan going, but even with that they still didn't sleep very well.

We spent the day yesterday watering animals and hosing them down when they needed it. Thankfully the baby goats are all drinking water from buckets at this point so we had no issues there.

We did lose a chicken that tried to dig under the coop to get cool. She apparently got "stuck" and died there. Hannah was somewhat upset as it was her only female silver sebright.

We borrowed several educational videos from the library last night to watch today in the basement. Bill Nye and the like. It should be a nice quiet day with maybe a trip to my mom's to swim...
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