Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ahh! Normalcy Returns

Yesterday we said a hurried "Goodbye!" to my sister and her kids. They are promising to return in a few weeks to stay for a real visit that doesn't involve faulty landing gear on airplanes and emergency landings.

Today is the first "normal" day of Summer vacation since, well, the start of Summer vacation! Today's schedule involves a dump run, library trip, and a drive to go and pick up our clipper blades that were sharpened. This afternoon I'll be tattooing a 4H-er's goats. I will attempt to get the literal MOUNTAIN of laundry throught the washer and onto the clothesline. One load per day just doesn't cut it around here!

We are now one week away from the 4-H fair, so "normal" is only going to last so long. We have narrowed down the number of fairs we will be going to because gas is now worth more than gold...

4-H Fair
Lebanon (just cows, chickens, and exhibit hall)
Haddam Neck
BIG E/ADGA Open Show

The good news from yesterday was that Sam was cleared by his physical therapist to go back to work. Tomorrow he goes back to the doctor to, hopefully, get cleared by him as well.
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