Friday, July 4, 2008

A Quiet Week?????

Whenever anyone heard that all 4 older girls were going to camp, they almost always said something about Sam and I having a quiet week.... Not exactly how it turned out.

Yesterday I finished grouting the tile in the bathroom. It looks MAAAHHHVELOUS! I can't wait til Saturday when the shower, sink and toilet all go in! To save money we have opted to keep the same toilet until we can afford a new one. So the beige toilet won't quite match the other white fixtures.

Sam and I borrowed the two Jones boys for a few hours yesterday to get all the furniture into all the right rooms and assembled: 3 Bunk bed sets (unassembled and then reassembled), one queen size bed, and 4 bureaus.

Today I will be sorting through the "stuff" in Abby's and Nathalie's room. I finished Hannah's "stuff" yesterday. As soon as their room is settled, then I can organize Rachel's and Samantha's. My children are all voracious pack-rats! Every scrap of paper, note, school work, bookmark, craft project... has been saved. I am trying to be sensitive to what is important to them...

The girls come home from camp this evening. Weather wise they have had a good week: Sunny days with the occasional thunderstorm. I can't wait to have them home again and I know they will have lots to tell us!

Tomorrow my sister, Emily, is getting married. The wedding is taking place in Kansas, and though we were all invited, we just couldn't afford the gas to get there. God had a plan though, cause Sam never would have been able to make the trip with his back the way it is. We all really like Kevin, and have warned Em that she could be the one "voted from the island", and we'll keep Kevin.

My parents are bringing my nieces (Sarah's two oldest), Elizabeth and Claudia, back with them from Kansas. They will be spending a week with us getting ready to show goats and chickens at the North Stonington Fair . My cousin, Tiana, who is about the same age as Hannah, is coming on the 10th. She also will be staying with us to show goats and chickens.

We have picked a date for our 5th Annual Campfire under the Stars! I have had several people asking me about it, so we have started planning it for AUGUST 15th! Invitations should be hitting the mailboxes on Monday. We are having an "Olympics" theme this year, with the older girls planning/running all the "events".

Since summer vacation officially started we have yet to have a "quiet week". And it looks like it'll be a while before we do!
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