Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yeah, but...

Rachel's PPT went well, I think. Everyone seemed to agree that Rachel is definitely struggling and we need to find out why, so we can help her. The list of tests they are planning on is lengthy, but I think it is thorough, as they will cover just about everything: visual, motor, cognitive, auditory, and speech. We have a follow-up meeting to go over results, set for October 28.

It is interesting the way the mind works. With Rachel's upcoming MRI, I find my thoughts returning to 1984 when my sister went to the doctor because her shoulder ached. We were soon told that Beth had leukemia. She passed away in January 1989. I guess because of that I just don't have the ability to say, "Everything will be fine," because I have experienced a time when everything wasn't fine. Add to that, Rachel is the same age Beth was when she was diagnosed.

Now, I know it isn't the same. I can rationalize that I am being overly anxious. This MRI is simply to rule out any significant reason for Rachel's short term memory issues and language problems. In all reality, they will find nothing, and we will be back to looking at some sort of learning disability that we need to work with. I can say that until the goats come home, but there is still that voice back there saying, "Yeah, but..."
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