Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crazy Day

Today is going to be crazy. Not that it makes it any different from any other day here. Just that today, I can just look at my calendar and know before the day begins that it will be crazy.

8AM 2 Kids on bus
1 van picked up by FFA to drive 14 FFA teens to airport.

8:30AM Start 3 girls on schoolwork.
Fold Laundry
Clean bathrooms since it was Samantha's job yesterday and well, she's not exactly great at the job yet and dysentery isn't in my schedule.

9AM Sam arrives home from work
I leave for grocery store, bank, post office, and wherever else.

11:30 Back home, unload car.
Check that girls are actually doing schoolwork.

Noon Lunch
Sam leaves for work

12:30 When van gets back take out 2 back seats.

2PM Drive Abby and 3 goats to friend's house. She is making a nativity scene Christmas card and wants to borrow some goats for it.

2:30 Put 2 back seats back in the van
Drive to Lebanon Community center to pick up 13 girl scouts and drive them to field trip.

5PM Drive home. Take 2 seats back out of van. Go and pick up Abby and goats.

6PM Make and eat dinner (most likely sandwiches)

7PM check schoolwork and plan tomorrow's schedule.

7:30 Rachel and Samantha to bed

8PM fall asleep on couch waiting for Sam to get home.

Stuff that won't get done:
Tea with missionaries at church
Ledyard Fair Wrap-up Meeting
4-H Leaders meeting
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