Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Campaigns and Elections

No this won't be a post about national politics because, well, I know who I am voting for and I know it is the right decision and I am sure you feel the same way, so no amount of discussion will sway either of us. Why discuss it?

It is a post about 4H elections. For the first time since Sam and I have been in 4H, there is more than one person who wants the position of 4H Fair Association President! Abby is one of them. The election will be held this evening and each candidate has prepared a campaign speech. (Counts as Language Arts for homeschool!) She was co-president last year, but her co-president showed up at only a few meetings. She has some good ideas for the fair and she has decided that she will work to make them happen even if she doesn't win the election.

It is interesting to me that two of the candidates are currently homeschooled and the third candidate was homeschooled until 9th grade. In fact the 4H presidents prior Abby's term were homeschooled too. I think homeschooled kids tend to make better leaders. They seem to be unafraid to step up, take responisbility, and make confident decisions.

I think Abby will make a great president. And yes, I am biased. I have watched her mature so much through her experiences as co-president last year. She went from nervous and quiet to taking charge and running things quickly and smoothly. She grew into a very effective leader that managed the meetings and got things done.

Her ideas for this coming 4H fair are well thought out with the ultimate goal being to improve the fair for 4H-er's and those who visit the fair. I am proud of her for developing her own ideas and working hard for something that she wants.
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