Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Results

At least , in my opinion, the 4H elections had more favorable results than the national election! Sorry, but any guy who claims to be pro-choice, yet also claims to be anti-abortion, and then votes to support a partial birth abortion bill is someone who will say anything to make whatever he does look good... but, I digress...

Abby and Lara both presented fantastic speeches with exceptional ideas for how to improve the 4H fair. The third candidate had fallen ill and was unable to present a speech. The voters were told they could vote for one or any combination of two candidates out of the three. Abby and Lara received the majority of votes as a team and so they will be installed as co-presidents on November 21. Nathalie was elected as 4H secretary. Hannah was elected as the poultry barn superintendant and Rachel is the assistant treasurer.

Lara had a fantastic idea of having "deputies" within the fair association. This would involve having the younger kids (like Samantha and Rachel) work beside an older kid in a specific job. I think this is an awesome idea as so few kids really know what the jobs fully entail. I think with both Lara and Abby's good ideas and excellent work ethic, we will have a wonderful 4H year and our Expo will be better than ever.
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