Thursday, November 6, 2008


With so many things going on right now: Girl Scouts, 4H, church activities, doctor appointments, schooling, etc, I needed to reorganize my office. I couldn't find things, I was losing notices, forgetting appointments and was just generally frazzled. Since we cleaned the playroom, (remember: I'll wait while you refresh your memory...) in anticipation of the Christmas chaos, I decided I should clean my office for the same reason. Can you imagine: my crazy schedule, total disorganization, PLUS holiday zoo-ness!

I started a few days ago with my desk and shelves behind my desk. Six bags of garbage and a lot of deceased dust bunnies later, I could see my desk and actually reach my stash of business envelopes without standing on my desk. Since I had cleaned out the desk, I now had space in it. I moved all my letter writing paraphernalia out of my "Writing" desk and into the main desk.

The next day I tackled the "Craft Cart". This "cart" was a changing table in its former life. I threw away a lot of stuff that we just have never or will never use. Yes, "Chuck" is a lucky boy. I put stuff aside for friends I knew would actually use it. Another 2 bags for the dump and I could actually find the paint brushes!

Yesterday I cleared the counter top which had become the dumping ground for, well, everything! I also went through the filing cabinet and threw away all the instruction manuals for items we no longer own. All the files dated 2001 or sooner were pitched as well. Another four garbage bags!

I looked around my now neat and organized office and realized that my "writing" desk was now empty. Hmmmm.... The perfect amount of space for both my serger and my sewing machine! And with the counter top cleared, I have a cutting surface that doesn't require me to bend over to work on it.

This also moves my projects out of public viewing and now I won't have to remind the girls every day that they are not allowed to ask what I am making or who it is for. I made the move and love it! The only thing I need is a chair on wheels so I can roll from the work desk to the sewing machine with ease! Sam says I am so unromantic when I ask for such things for Christmas. My mom said basically the same thing when I told her I wanted a vacuum cleaner for Christmas.
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