Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Snow

Another snowstorm. This time predictions of 5-10 inches before morning. The weather forecasters are already discussing the next two storms: one on Tuesday and then another late Wednesday into Thursday. I suppose the snow is better than the ice we had last week. We STILL can't walk across the yard from the ice!

Our supplies for making maple syrup arrived in the mail, so it must be nearly Spring, right? I ordered three colonies of bees, and more jars with lids for storing all this sticky stuff!

The girls are enjoying skating on our "pond". Calling it a pond is definitely an exaggeration as it is only about 10 feet by 20 feet and a mere 2-3 feet deep at it's deepest. At least it freezes quickly and getting there is a lot easier than getting up to the town green.

Rachel's birthday is a week away. She's invited two families to come and celebrate with us. There will be lots of kids since one of the families has 11 children and the other (of course, it's best friend Grace's family) has 4 kids. We'll order a party pizza from Big Y and I'll make a cake. Rachel's plan is to go out to the "pond" and have Sam build a bonfire while everyone skates. I hope the weather will cooperate. It looks that at the very least, it will be cold enough for the water to be quite frozen.
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