Monday, January 5, 2009

New Job

I start my new job today... I am excited and apprehensive. It has been MANY years since I had a "real" job with a paycheck attached to it. This job is a good thing: money to cover bills, adult interaction, out of the house, etc.

After much discussion about homeschool, we decided to keep the three older girls schooled at home. The main discussion centered around Nathalie. She would like to go to the public school; mainly to be with her friends. Nathalie's personality is one which tends to do the least possible she can get away with and she does not work hard unless pushed (shoved!). Sam and I both suspect that because she is polite and well behaved, she will simply skate through public school without any effort. I will be working only one morning per week (+ 2 afternoons), so the majority of the time she will have me pushing her to work harder. Abby and Hannah both begged to not be put in public school.

Sam is still out of work. It appears he will be until at least the 29th, when he sees an orthopedist. The physical therapy seems to be helping and last session they did some tests which determined, that with continued treatment, he will get the feeling back in his foot and lower leg. Now that he and I have gotten a taste of what his retirement will be like, he is not allowed to retire... ever.

I love the man, and I love that he loves me and wants to be with me, but when I am in the middle of something, (sewing a complicated Romantic Era blouse for the first time) it is frustrating to have someone come up behind me and rub my back for a minute (or touch my head, or rub my arm, or say, "Hey, I was thinking...") and then walk away, only to return 5 minutes later and do the same thing!

I know if he were feeling 100% he would be doing something: cutting firewood, building shelves in my mudroom, cleaning the garage, changing the fuel filter on the car.... but he isn't, so he can't. He is studying for the Lieutenant's test that is coming up at the fire department, but that only occupies a small portion of his day.

So this job thing for me, is a good thing...
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