Friday, January 30, 2009

Results Are In

Sam saw the Orthopedic doctor yesterday morning. The doctor has put Sam on "light duty" and ordered an MRI of his back. The orthopedist wants to be sure there isn't any "real" damage to the back before sending Sam back to full duty. The concern is that this is the second time in less than 6 months that Sam injured his back and this last time involved significant numbness in his leg and foot.

So while we wait for Workmen's Comp to approve, order, and get an appointment for the MRI, Sam will be on "light duty" at the firehouse. This unfortunately means he will be driving to Waterbury every day, Monday through Friday, and sitting in the Chief's office for eight hours. Sam expects to become an expert thumb twiddler in that time.

This schedule is going to be difficult to contend with. He'll be leaving the house at 7AM and getting home about 5PM. With my new job, it's going to be tricky to coordinate things. Thankfully, Phyllis has graciously agreed to let me drop Rachel and Samantha off at her house, in their pj's, on the one morning that I have to be at work at 7AM. Sam and I will be sitting down this afternoon to figure out who goes where, at what time, with which parent.

The good side is that Sam can now return to Tractor Supply. Because of the light duty hours, he will only be able to work on Saturdays. At least this gets him back on the job and into the schedule rotation there.

Sam has an interview today for a job with 4H. It is a temporary position until the end of September. It may be extended if 4H can secure another grant or other type of funding. It seems like a really neat job and I am really hopeful that Sam is accepted for the position.
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