Saturday, January 17, 2009

So Cold!

It is still bitter cold here. The thermometer read -13 degrees at 5:30 AM this morning! So far all the animals, but one laying hen, have survived the cold. It supposed to be warmer today, but that is because snow should be arriving!

Rachel turns 9 today. We have some friends coming over for pizza, cake and ice skating. Sam is going to build a small fire out by the "pond" so the kids can warm up a little. I figure the moms and little ones will stay inside where it is warm and make hot cocoa for everyone!

Rachel is very excited about her birthday. She loves being the center of attention and a birthday is custom made for that! I made her a dress out of fabric with horses on it and a dress of the same material for her doll. SHe loves dressing her doll in clothes that match hers. Every night her doll gets changed into pajamas that match and laid into her cradle. Rachel will be a wonderful mother someday.
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