Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day In the Life...

Yesterday morning:
5AM- Wake up start coffee; do my devotions and prayer time
5:30- drink coffee while checking emails.
6AM -wake up girls; realize we are almost out of both milk and cereal; start to make lunches for Sam, Rachel and Samantha; discover last loaf of bread has gone moldy and put it aside for the chickens; add bread, milk, and cereal to grocery list under "cold meds" and half & half; make peanut butter crackers for lunches. Nathalie informs me she feels bad: sore throat and ear ache; her temp is 102; Sam checks her throat and says call the Pediatrician; dose Nathalie with tylenol.
6:30- get girls moving towards animals; say goodbye to Sam; add dog food to the list after Abby tells me we are nearly out.
7:00- Get Rachel and Samantha ready for school while printing out the homeschool assignment pages.
7:30- dose Rachel and Samantha with cough meds before getting them out the door for the bus with Hannah.
8:00- Get dressed.
8:30- Start trying to get through to pediatrician.
8:40- get an appointment for Nathalie for 11:30.
8:50- out the door for Abby and Hannah's dentist appointment, bank, and grocery store.
8:52- Add gas station to list as a priority!
9:10- Pulling into the gas station figure on putting in 15 gallons of gas; while pumping in the bitter cold and wind, only put in 5 gallons!
10:30- done with dentist, etc.; stop by Dunkin donuts for a coffee, bagel and three donuts. Nathalie doesn't eat hers; Now I know she REALLY doesn't feel well.
11:15-arrive at Pediatricians
11:30- get seen; Left tonsil is grossly larger than right; Dr. is concerned about an abscess. Strep test is negative. Sends us to Ear Nose and Throat guy who THANKFULLY can fit us in right away.
12:05- At ENT; numb Nat up and withdraw fluid from her tonsil; no abscess. Prescription for pain and antibiotics. Orders for Lab to do strep test and mono screen.
12:30- Call Sam at work from ENT office (I don't own a cell phone) so he can call my job to tell them I will be about 20 minutes late.
12:50- Pick up prescriptions
1:20- arrive at work with the three girls still with me. Nat's fever is back up to 102.6; Call Sam at work and ask him to come home, pick up the three girls, drop Abby and Hannah at home to get Rachel and Samantha off the bus and to bring Nathalie to the lab to get the lab work done.
2:45- Sam arrives and gets girls.
3:00- Boy at work gets fever; gets sent home.
5:15- Everyone is picked up and I head home
5:35- Eat dinner (notice: first real meal of the day!), assess Nathalie, Rachel is complaining her ear hurts; give her a rice sock (homemade heating pad). Sam informs me that when he got home at 3-ish the back door had blown open and the house was a crisp 52 degrees with the furnace running full blast. He goes on to tell me that through this little event he has discovered that something is wrong with the thermostat in our room, as despite the frigid temperature the heat never kicked on for that zone.
6:00- go through mail; work on taxes; Due to a major mistake on our part we are going to owe more than I can pay.
6:40- leave for 4H Fair meeting; Nat stays home. At meeting Rachel starts crying that her ear really hurts. Abby blasts through the meeting and we are out of there by 8:15.
8:30- Rachel gets Tylenol and goes to bed; Samantha gets cough med and goes to bed. Hannah goes to bed.
9PM- I go to bed
9:30- Sam comes to bed and wakes me with his coughing and settling in.
10:30- Rachel is crying in her sleep. Wake her and give her more pain meds and reheat her sock.
1:30AM- Abby wakes me and her ear hurts too. Get her pain meds and rice sock.
4AM- Abby is crying in the bathroom because her ear hurts. Get her more pain meds. Sam is coughing.
4:30- Give up on sleep and get up.
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