Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last Day of Spring Vacation

Yesterday was our last day of spring vacation. Since I had been bugged all week about having friends over, we invited several friends to come over during the day. That way no one was left out!
Nathalie's friend Jenny arrived around 8:30 AM. Nathalie and she quickly disappeared to the barns. Jenny has goats and just got her first chicks a few days ago. So she and Nathalie spent quite a bit of time checking out our herd and flock.
Abby and I finished rearranging the school room to accommodate the new furniture from my Mom. Then we tackled the mudroom (which STILL has no shelves). A couple of the bookshelves that we were able to empty from the school room will fit perfectly in the mudroom. This will make temporarily permanent shelving until Sam is no longer working 100 hours per week (Sometime in 2011, I think!) and has time to make me my custom shelving.
Phyllis and her gang arrived around 11:30 with Hannah's friend in tow. Rachel, Samantha, Grace and Dianna all found bikes and rode in the driveway, while Hannah and Samara went to check out Hannah's salamander habitat.
We all ate lunch together and afterward Phyllis and I sat down for a cup of tea while the children went in various directions. Some went for a walk in the woods, others headed for the stream to catch frog eggs, and still others rode bikes. Everyone got along and the moms got to spend a few minutes catching up!
Today we have a dump run, 4H camp clean-up, and a birthday party to go to. Of course that is in addition to animals to feed and milk, eggs to gather, and barn that needs cleaning too!
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