Friday, May 29, 2009


I can NOT believe that June is just about here! Already nearly every weekend in June on my calendar has something written on it! Teen fellowship for the two older girls, baptism for Hannah, 4-H community service activities, Linear Appraisal for our herd, vet checks to get done before Fair Season... FAIR SEASON!!! ACK!

Fair season is such a busy time. We have cut some of the smaller fairs from our plans but have added a few bigger ones. Thankfully this has taken some of the pressure off of the month of August! We have three shows in July, one in August, three in September, and three in October.

In order for Abby to be eligible to compete at the Big E she needs to compete at a local 4-H fair. So, there is one more in August, but only Abby is showing at that one. It is a 4-H fair in another county. She is showing there because she will be at camp the weekend of the 4-H fair in our county. This fair will be relaxing as it is just up the road from my parent's house (where my brother and sister-in-law are now living). We can relax by the pool, sipping lemonade, after a long day at the fair. Who needs Disneyland vacations???

(Oh! and for those of you wondering about Sam's Lieutenant's test, the rumor is the list will be out on Tuesday June 2.)
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