Friday, July 10, 2009

Camp Smith Part 2: Day Four

A cloudy and chilly day, so we yet again, put on our sweatshirts! I left for work and the girls took care of the animals and ate breakfast. When I got home we made lists for for food for this weekend. We sorted through the show shoes pile. Only Samantha needs shoes! Yay!

Our copies of the New London Day's "Sound and Country" magazine for Summer 2009 arrived. We had requested them after my mother-in-law called us up to tell us that Samantha's picture was in it. Twice! At last year's North Stonington goat show a reporter had taken pictures and Samantha's picture was in the regular paper then. They used two more pictures of her showing the Ski's goat (Fuzza McPea) in the current "Sound and Country" issue's article about the fair. Very cool!

Around 2:30 we started our animal chores so we could run the chickens up to the North Stonington Fair. After dropping off the chickens we swung by the Ski's for grain and a quick chat, and then headed off to the Teen Challenge. It was the last night and I think everyone had a lot of fun! They even let the little kids play a round of tug of war!

We arrived home around 9:45PM. The teens took showers while the little ones settled into the camper to sleep.

Today we will be clipping goats, grocery shopping and shoe shopping for Samantha. Sam is coming home this morning and he and the big girls will also be rearranging the chicken pens while the majority of the chickens are at the fair. Maybe we'll get some fence up too!
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