Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camp Smith Part 2: Day Three

Another beautiful day! Given the summer we have had so far, I couldn't ask for better weather! Sun, big puffy clouds, a slight breeze. Perfect!

While I went to work Sam took Elizabeth, Jenny, and Nathalie (and Turk, the dog) to the 4-H Dog Showing Clinic. There they all learned the right way to show a dog for showmanship classes. They also got to walk through the museum at Blue Slope Farm.

After we all returned home, Sam got a call form his mom, asking him to come and help them put up some new fence. The donkeys have been escaping and they found another place where the 35+ year old fencing had given way. So Sam left for Waterford by himself while Abby made a paper mache submarine and the other girls all worked on posters for the Teen Challenge.

I finished sewing the two dresses for Rachel and Samantha that had been sitting on my sewing machine for about a month. After creating their masterpieces, several of the girls donned bathing suits and went out to wash chickens for the fair this weekend. Abby and Nathalie worked on rounding up all the show clothes and making sure we had enough for the cousins too. I think the only thing we made need to buy is show shoes! Nathalie also filled the library bag with books that needed to go back.

Once the animals were taken care of we headed up to the library. Sam dropped us off there and went on to pick up our old green trailer. For this weekend we are borrowing it back from the people to whom we sold it. We are so grateful that they are willing to let us borrow it! We checked out a ton of books and movies from the library and took a walk over to the Lebanon Farmer's market. We checked out the few booths that were there and I managed to scrounge up $2 to buy eight honey sticks for the girls. It was perfect timing as Sam then drove up in the van with the trailer and we headed off for Teen Challenge!

I had nursery duty last night, but Sam was there to help out with all the kids. From the chatter in the van on the way home, everyone had a good time!

For day four, we will wash and clip goats, clean crates, deliver chickens to the fair, and maybe mow the lawn.
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