Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camp Smith Part 2: Day Two

More rain. Here it is the start of July, when we should be sweltering despite our air conditioners doing the best they can. Instead, we are wearing sweatshirts and slogging through inches of mud.

I left for work before bodies were even stirring. Sam got them going, fed them breakfast, and after animals were taken care of, they started working on putting in fence posts for yet another pasture. (On a side note: our last test on our goats showed them to be healthy!!) Claudia, Elizabeth and Jenny, jumped willingly and eagerly into the task at hand.

When I got home from work, we continued our fencepost work until the thunder indicated the storms were coming fast. And since we were working under tall trees and holding tall metal t-posts, well, you do the math...

Sam took Jenny, Nathalie and Elizabeth with him for Minnie's (the dog) trip to the vet. The other girls watched the beginning of The Princess Bride before it was time to start on the animal chores. Once everything was completed and everyone was home from the vet, we headed off to Joann's fabric store. There we purchased a bulk package of embroidery floss for everyone to share. They are all teaching each other how to make friendship bracelets. I had a coupon for 40% off of one item so we also purchased a small booklet that shows how to make lots of different kinds of bracelet designs.

Then we headed to the Teen Challenge at church. Abby, Nathalie, and Jenny participated while the others made their bracelets and helped the adults to set up the food. The lightning and thunder were particularly intense and so the schedule for the food changed. Claudia, Elizabeth, Rachel, Samantha, and Hannah were wonderful helpers who jumped right into the scramble to get things set up!

We headed home to warm showers and beds around 9:15PM. Day three starts today!
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