Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to Work!

After a week of vacation from the daycare, I go back to work this morning. I am glad I enjoy my job, but I sure am looking forward to when I can be a stay-at-home mom again. Sixteen more months!
The older girls started home school in earnest last week and seem to have settled into their new curriculum. We have changed how we do things to accommodate everyone's schedules, mostly mine! More of their work is being done on the computer with automatic grading and time keeping. There are still a few subjects that they must be self disciplined about. I think learning to stay on task even when the "teacher" isn't standing over your shoulder is a good thing.
Rachel and Samantha start public school on Wednesday. The "paperwork" (also known as "homework for parents") has started to trickle in. The deluge will come within the first two days of school. This is when I fill out in triplicate, for each child, emergency contact info, emergency dismissal orders, and all sorts of other information. I am thinking this year I'll fill out one form and photocopy it...
I took this week of vacation to sew Rachel and Samantha's back-to-school outfits. They each have: one dress, two gauchos, and three shirts. Of course, all matching. I have three more shirts on the cutting table; we'll see if they get finished before Wednesday.
I know I'll be out there with my camera on the first day of school!
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