Monday, August 10, 2009

Lebanon Fair Weekend

This past weekend was the Lebanon Fair! We ran around like crazy and managed to scrounge up some pens for our goat show. So on Friday morning around 10:30 AM we loaded up all the goats, chickens, art projects, baking projects, lego projects, and snapshots into the van and camper.

When we arrived on the fairgrounds they told us where to park the camper. 15 minutes later we were requesting the backhoe to come and pull us out of the muck. They very nicely found us a drier spot to park after that!

All of the animals were off loaded and the projects were entered into the exhibit hall. It was 2PM and the girls reminded us that we hadn't had lunch. Then Abby and Nathalie said, "Oh, we never ate breakfast either! We were too busy finishing up our baking!" So Sam found a vendor that was open and everyone got a hot dog to hold them until dinner time.

We finished penning in everyone else's goats in our BRAND NEW GOAT BARN!! and Nathalie got the camper set up for us. The barn looks wonderful and is definitely a very nice addition to the fair. Many of the Lebanon Lions Club members came by throughout the whole weekend to admire it. The young fair attendees really enjoyed that our goats love attention and didn't run from them like the sheep.

Our goat show went very well, in spite of (or maybe , because of) my losing my voice. I still haven't found my voice, so it'll be an interesting week! I wasn't able to take too many pictures since I was also running the show.

All the girls' chickens placed first. Abby's bread took second and my black and white snapshot of Abby also took second. My dress placed second to Phyllis's! :) My nightgown placed first. Hannah's blackberries took second and Nathalie's lego project took second, too. Rachel and Samantha didn't do as well as they had hoped in the exhibit hall, but Rachel did take second in the watermelon eating contest! And Samantha lost her tooth, so the tooth fairy made a special trip to the fairgrounds!

It was a great weekend!

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Mama Ski said...

Thank you again (and the whole crew)for making it another truly enjoyable weekend. As the day progresses and I reflect a little I may even say that I like the Lebanon Fair better than Chester.

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