Tuesday, March 2, 2010

If You Aim at Nothing, You Are Sure to Hit It

With all this downtime, Abby and I started looking at colleges. Which brought us to a discussion of what she would need to get into a college. So I did some research here: and here: This article:, really inspired me to set down on paper what my goals and expectations were for the girls' high schooling. I used various college websites and our local high school handbook to find out what they required for applicants to guide me in tweaking what we were already doing. So here is the final product:
(the parenthesis are the publishers of the curriculum we'll be using)

Course of Study- Four Year Plan
Abigail E. Smith

Freshman Year

American History: Columbus-Reconstruction (Notgrass)
Algebra 1 (Teaching Textbooks)
English (Notgrass) Vocab/Spelling (BJU)
Biology 1 (Apologia)

Latin 1 (Latina Christiana)
Consumer Math (Money Matters)
Bible (Notgrass)

Sophomore Year

American History: Late 1800's-Present(Notgrass)
Algebra 2 (Teaching Textbooks)
English (Notgrass)Vocab/Spelling (Classical Roots)
Biology 2 (Apologia)

Latin 2 (Latina Christiana)
Bible (Notgrass)
U.S. Government (Notgrass)

Junior Year

Chemistry 1 (Apologia)
World History 1 (Notgrass)
Geometry (Teaching Textbooks)
British Literature (Learning Language Arts Through Literature)


Latin 3 (Latina Christiana)
World Geography (Geography Matters)
Bible (Notgrass)
Writing Composition (Three Rivers Community College)

Senior Year

Chemistry 2 (Apologia)
World History 2 (Notgrass)
Pre-Calculus (Teaching Textbooks)
American Literature (Learning Language Arts Through Literature)

Research Writing (Three Rivers Community College)
Bible (Notgrass)

This is just a skeleton, so to speak. What is listed here is the minimum. As we do other things we will add them on. Certainly, somewhere in there needs to be an Agriculture elective!

I also came up with a transcript document:

I haven't finished filling it all in, but she should have more than the required 24 credits once she's through. (Sorry it's fuzzy. Copy/Paste from Publisher to Blog is not so good.)

While this shows that she hasn't completed much of her Freshmen year, she is currently working on subjects from her Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior years. By May (if she stays on task) she'll have completed ninth grade, 1/2 of tenth grade, and 1/7 of eleventh grade. Because we school year round, her goal is to complete her tenth grade work and half of eleventh grade by September.

Putting it down on paper has shown both Abby and I, an end goal and the path to getting there. If you are homeschooling a high schooler, who is struggling with direction, this might be the way to go!

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