Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sturbridge Village, Again!

We took a field trip yesterday up to Sturbridge Village. We had been up previously: Sturbridge Village but that was a chilly rainy day. This trip it was a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze! We stopped by Samara's house to drag her along, leaving her parents with nothing to do but stare at the walls...

We arrived prior to the school groups, so we enjoyed about an hour of quiet as we toured the shoe maker and schoolhouse first. The school keeper, as it turned out, had worked this past weekend with a 4-H intern who lived on a large goat farm. The story was told that she amazingly knew how to capture and lead a sheep named Alabaster, who had escaped. We kind of chuckled and asked if this intern went by the name of Lara. And indeed, she did! Not even one week into her internship and Lara is already making a name for herself!! YAY LARA!!
The school groups were arriving as we left the schoolhouse. We spent the next few hours visiting various buildings and avoiding the groups as best we could. It was interesting, as we took an out of the way path through the pastures, to hear Nathalie comment to Abigail, "I am sooo glad we aren't in public school! Those kids are rude!"
We visited the farm where we saw this really interesting flytrap that wasn't ugly and didn't use chemicals. We asked several interpreters, but no one seemed to know how it was made or what was in it. We figured we would simply ask Lara to find out for us, but later in the day we found another one that was low to the ground that allowed us to get a good look. An interpreter was able to tell us that it used a mixture of molasses and yeast to attract the flies.
After lunch, we visited the Bixby house, blacksmith, church, and the Friend's meetinghouse. By this time the school groups had left and we practically had the place to ourselves. The church had a special activity where an interpreter played a few songs on the pipe organ that had been made in the 1820's. After this we headed for home, after a short visit to the gift shop for some fudge for the ride home.

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