Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Name Theme

Kathy W.commented on my kidding post. She was wondering if we had a theme picked for this year.
As of yet we don't! We've had a few suggestions:

Star Trek. We liked it and even researched it a bit, but there just aren't enough "girl" names. Remember the year we picked "pirates" as our theme? We researched the few female pirates that existed, only to have 100% bucks born! We don't want a repeat!

Cheeses. This one has potential as they are neither male nor female, and there are plenty of names out there. Gouda, Chevre, Testouri, Kwaito...

Bible names. This one also has much potential. We used this theme our first year of kidding. Out of nine kids, only two survived. So only Ruth and Samson have been "officially" used, which means there are lots of options available.

Names of Peaks in the Swiss Alps. I personally like this one the best because the names just haven't been used before by anyone we know, and it will take some research (something us homeschoolers love to inflict upon our children!). The only problem is the length of the names. ADGA (the registering organization) only allows for 29 characters including spaces, for names. Our herd name: Cedars of Lebanon, uses up 18. "Finsteraarhorn", while a very cool name for a goat, it definitely won't fit. Although Jungfrau, Mönch, Zugspitze, MonteRosa, and Matterhorn, would all work.

So, what do you think? Let's take an informal vote. Leave your choice (or another suggestion) in the comments section.
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