Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

It's a new year! Time for new things.
And this year our new thing is HUGE!

After spending some time in prayer, Sam came to me a few weeks ago and broached the subject of missions. It has been on his heart and something he has been thinking about ever since September when the subject of camp came up at our church. (Youth from our church spend a week at a camp in South Carolina in the summer.) 

Funny thing was, I had been praying about it too! I was thinking that for a little more than the cost of sending the three teen girls to camp, our whole family could spend a week in the mission field. So, Sam and I prayed about it for another few weeks and on Sunday morning on our way to church we discussed it with the girls. They all were positive in their responses but Hannah was very excited.

Hannah who has been studying Africa in her schoolwork, said she really wanted to go to Africa, Angola specifically. Unfortunately there aren't many mission trips for families that go overseas and many of them are more expensive than we could manage. But we encouraged her that in just a few years she'll be old enough to go on a youth missions trip to Africa. In the meantime we found: she is excited about working towards helping out this missions program.

Sam and I spent this morning scouring the internet for missions trips that work with families. There aren't many! We found one organization that is willing to create a custom trip for us. We are hoping to go to the Appalachia area, New Orleans, or Wisconsin in the month of October.

So we are continuing to pray for God's leading.
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