Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Goat Kids

Three more baby goats were born yesterday. They came while Sam and I were out running errands, so Abby and Hannah handled everything. Fluorine gave us a large buckling, which we named Cedars of Lebanon Feta. Lucille gave us a buck and a doe. We named the buck Cedars of Lebanon Limburger and the doe Cedars of Lebanon Rodoric (we'll call her Dori).

We'll get a nice little break in kidding until the middle of March, when two more does are due. The last doe is due the end of April.

We are starting to plan our fairs and shows for this year and it looks like we'll be starting pretty early with an ADGA show in New York at the end of May. We have Linear Appraisal in May also, so it'll be a busy month.

Linear Appraisal is when a person from ADGA (the American Dairy Goat Association) comes to the "farm" and appraises the animals for their "value". While they don't assign a dollar amount they do assign a number based on certain characteristics and how well the goat conforms to the standard, or "ideal" dairy goat. We are hoping for numbers in the upper seventies and lower eighties. Numbers in the nineties are considered to be exceptional and we are not expecting anything in that range!

As soon as I get the battery for my camera charged, I will take some photos of the new babies. They were so cute yesterday running and jumping on the snowbanks!
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