Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting Ready!

We are getting ready for so many things around here!

We are getting ready for shipping the young bucklings and all but twelve of the chickens to the livestock auction. We are collecting crates from grocery stores for the chickens. Sam is building a crate for the back of the pick up truck for the goats.

We are getting ready for our "health check" visit from our veterinarian. We are checking goats for parasites and treating if we find them. We are cleaning the yard, the pens, and the barns. Today we hauled 230 pounds of scrap metal and 80 pounds of scrap aluminum to the recycling facility!

We are getting ready for Linear Appraisal. This is when the American Dairy Goat Association sends out an "appraiser". He will look over our goats and assign them a score for how well they meet the breed standard. This year we are hosting, so we are preparing our fences and pens for the extra goats that will be coming. We are also checking tattoos to make sure they are readable and getting all the babies tattooed.

We are also getting ready for fair season. Our first show is in New York at the end of May. We are clipping goat feet and making sure all of our paperwork is in order. We are also doing the prep work on the camper and getting it ready for travel.

It is looking like it is going to be a fun filled summer, with shows, fairs, family gatherings, and 4-H events!
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