Saturday, January 14, 2012


The sun came out + the goats were enjoying the hay= a perfect opportunity for some photos of all those pregnant bellies and the bucks!

California Lord Kelvin

Kelvin from the back

Swamp Maple Barcelona (not bred) did NOT want to be set up!

Venezuela from the rear. Due April 1: I'm thinking triplets again.

Venezuela from the side. Not too bad for a  seven year old!

Cedars of Lebanon DollyMadison due March 11

Cedars of Lebanon Rodoric (our first goat with a leg!) due April 27

Cedars of Lebanon Fluorine due March 11

Abby's Tails Koca Sir is for sale!

West View Octavia is due February 25

Abby's Tails Paladium due February 18 (we suspect triplets!)


Paladium on the left with Cedars of Lebanon Fluorine on the right

Abby's Tails Paski Sir is not bred

Paski being goofy. Raclette is next to her.

Abby's Tails Raclette due April 17

RR Peck's Venezuela due April 1 

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