Friday, January 27, 2012

If I had...

If I had a million dollars I would... thousands of pillow cases and make them into dresses to send here: Little Dresses for Africa

Little Dresses for Africa logo this painting from Kitt Brook Studios and hang it over my stairs:

Sunday Afternoon by Ann Vaillencourt Pastel ~ 31 x 42

I would...

... have a dairy parlor that looked like this for Abby:
Dairy goat milking parlor

... have a garden that looked like this, where I could host fun tea parties:

with tea sets from Stash Tea  like this:
Gondola Teapot

and serve cheeses that looked like this:

Fresh chevre

I would...

... set up a bakery so Nathalie could create cakes that look like this:

and pastries like this:

I would... a 4-H barn like this in our town for all the 4-H clubs, at which they could meet, hold events, and display their awards:

... send hundreds of goats through Heifer International all over the world

ending hunger, caring for the earth

What would you do?

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