Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Goat Kids

It's going to be a gorgeous week with temperatures nearing 70 or higher, sunshine and those big puffy clouds!  We have a doe who is due to freshen this weekend and then Hannah's alpine is due April 1st. So here are some photos of our newest goats. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde were born February 27th. They are already spoken for to be brush clearing wethers. Jessie was born March 10th and Samantha has decided to keep her. (So much for reducing our herd!)

Smith Hill Jessie (Samantha's first baby!) out of Cedars of Lebanon DollyMadison and California Lord Kelvin


Jessie and her dam: Dolly

Cedars of Lebanon Dr. Jekyll and Cedars of Lebanon Mr. Hyde

Jekyll out of West View Octavia and California Lord Kelvin

Mr. Hyde

Mr. Hyde

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