Friday, January 4, 2013

A New Year

Ahhh, the NEW year. Full of promise. A blank slate. The universal "do-over".

For 2012, I really didn't make a serious resolution. It was more of a vague desire to draw closer to the Lord. Funny how God works those things out in ways we never would have imagined, or desired. I never would have conceived the journey of the past twelve months, and in my human-ness, I still think there could have been an easier way. But God is sovereign and He knows better than I do what would bring about results.

So for 2013, with so much new around here, (kids are in public school, Nathalie applying to college in South Carolina for the fall, my new sewing venture) my resolution is to be more efficient and effective as a wife, mom, and Christian. With new routines and schedules, I need to look at how our household operates and change what doesn't work, or is outdated. So I created this little checklist:

  • Compile enough healthy, inexpensive and easy recipes that I have a 10 day dinner menu  and I have the grocery lists to match. Also include lists for school lunch items.
  • Weed out the clutter and get rid of it by gifting, Freecycle, or Goodwill. Forget about waiting for a tag sale, the kids and Sam find the stash and start removing items. 
  • Create a weekly schedule with time set aside for housework, sewing, library time, and Bible study.
  • Get our budget nailed down and stick to it! 
  • Establish a Will, change beneficiary on life insurance policies, etc. 
  • Start exercising regularly. The goal is to be healthier and lose another 20 pounds this year. (I'm down eight pounds since Thanksgiving!)
  • Go through the "hard copy" photos from 2012 and create a photo album. Go through the digital photos on my hard drive and cull. Back up the remaining photos. Finish the 2012 Christmas album on Snapfish.
  • Create a monthly Game Night that will reflect Sam's ever-changing schedule. Create a monthly Date Night also. Create a monthly Family Day where we take a trip or do an activity as a family. 
Maybe I'll get it all done before January 2014. 

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