Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Love Your Neighbor

This year a Senior 4-H club member is spearheading the annual Great Goats and More 4-H Club Love Your Neighbor Event. I am so glad to hand over the reins of that event to someone besides a Smith!

What is "Love Your Neighbor," you ask?

It is an event that pools many of the 4-H club members' community service projects into one H-U-G-E project. Our older teens and tweens are encouraged to choose a community service project to lead each year. We often ended up with lots of collection drives spread out over the year which was difficult for this leader to keep on top of. A few years ago we took all of the projects and gave them the same "due date." We make it a party with food, games, food, door prizes, food, and craft activities. Did I mention food? Also each project leader gives a short presentation about their project. The public is invited and asked to contribute to the project of their choice (or all of them!).

This year our 4-H members have taken on:

The Women's Shelter in New London: deoderant, toothbrushes, pajamas, and socks.

Local Animal Control: dog collars, leashes, blankets.

Kitty Harbor: Whiskas temptation cat treats, canned cat food any flavor but not sliced or shredded, any meat flavord baby food, clay litter, extra large litter boxes, and cat scrathers.

No Freeze Shelter of Willimantic: hats and scarves.

Lebanon Food Pantry: tuna, peanut butter, canned goods, and rice.

 The tentative date is March 30th (I'll let you know if the date changes!) at the Fire Safety Complex in Lebanon 6PM- 9PM. I would be happy to pick up donations! And if you are from outside the area, consider joining us in spirit and donating items to your local organizations.
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