Monday, January 28, 2013

The Playroom

We cleaned and organized the playroom. It's really not a playroom anymore. The girls have mostly outgrown the toys. We've kept a few for when we have younger guests and things like Lego's, which they will never outgrow. 

We sorted through the books, keeping only those that we really liked (we like books and as you can see from the photos, we still have a LOT!). I finally managed to let go of the encyclopedias that were from the 1960's and the huge set from the 1980's. I did keep the set from 1883, which are just really cool to look through.

We forced Nathalie to cull through her hundreds, if not thousands, of cookbooks. I purchased a computerized cookbook subscription for her ( which will store, organize, and make meal plans with grocery lists, from her recipes. (Check off another New Year's Resolution!) 

We still need to find a solution for the trophies, plaques, and awards. The area we had used is just too small for what the girls want to keep. But other than that, the room looks good!

I gave away any homeschool things that were for grades 6 or under.
Still not sure what we're doing for school next year so we hung onto 7th grade and up.

This isn't even a quarter of the trophies, and there is no more room.

Just a few "toys" remain.

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