Friday, March 7, 2014

Ups and Downs

Farm life, even small scale hobby farm life, has its ups and downs. Sometimes it seems more downs than ups. Kidding season started off poorly with a bad kidding which ended with both the kid and the doe dying. Then a few days later a surprise set of triplets were delivered with no issues other than the doe decided that, out in 2 degree weather, was the perfect place to have her babies.

Barcelona (the mom) Buttercup, Humperdink, and Westley.



A few days ago one of Samantha's does needed an emergency c-section. Thankfully the two kids were delivered alive and healthy; a buckling and a doeling. We have an amazing vet who understands how and why we do things. She takes all of our successes and all of our failures to heart and stands beside us in all of them. She's practically family and we love her dearly. We thought we were going to lose the dam, but this morning Jessie was perky and eating hay. While we are not yet out of the woods with her, we are cautiously optimistic.
Anyonewanna Peanut and Andre the Giant at less than 24 hours old.

Samantha and the babies do homeschool in the basement (aka goat ward).

Justin helps to feed the babies.

Jessie stood and walked to her hay!

Another recent "up" comes from in the house, rather than in the barn. Abigail is engaged! Her fiance is Justin (seen in the above pictures) and he is wonderful. He got a crash course in goats during the c-section and managed to not faint, or be sick, while helping to pull the babies out. He's a hard worker, loves God, and adores our Abby, which are really what matters most. A Summer 2015 wedding is the current plan.

With five more goats left to kid between now and the beginning of June, I know we will have many more ups and downs. I am hoping for more on the up side rather than the down side, but God teaches us in all things to lean on Him. So we continue on, leaning on Him for our wisdom and understanding.
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