Monday, September 3, 2018

TWO Years!

So, two years since I last submitted an entry to my blog!?

LOTS has happened. Things are very different now.

No more farm: Animals are sold or given away. Land and home are sold. Through a series of events that only God could orchestrate, our farm was closed in June of 2018, sold in July, and our new home purchased in August. We went from 2,600 square feet of house, 2 bay garage, 3 barns, over 4 acres, and practically no neighbors... to 1,000 square feet home, 0 garage, 0 barns, just 1 acre of land, and a number of neighbors. It's been a big adjustment (and we are only 9 days since move-in date!).

Grandkids! Abby and Justin had a baby girl in March 2017. Ava Rachel arrived and has been pure joy! Another grandchild is now due next March! Abby is still a nanny for two little girls and Justin is still a mechanic. Some things have stayed the same!

Nathalie moved to rent a room from my parents when her job changed in January. She is loving working for a local farm supply store and doing farm sitting on the side. She has settled into a church she loves and has developed a confidence and maturity that surpasses her 22 years. She still loves to bake and cook and my parents are thrilled to have her do it!

Wedding! Hannah and Trey will be getting married in January 2019. One of our prayers for all of our children is that they would find contentment. Hannah and Trey seem to have hit their stride in that department. While it seems they will eventually be living quite some distance from us (New York), it's not as far as Kansas!! (Hannah currently resides in Kansas as a live-in nanny to a family with four children and Trey works at a Christian youth camp in New York)

Rachel was "Promoted to Life" in January 2018 when she moved to Kansas for an intensive course in "Hard Knocks" and "The Real World" to finish her high school career. She worked as a babysitter and barn helper on my sister's farm until August. She currently lives with my parents (and Nathalie) and works at a local dog kennel. Rachel at 18 years old, has taken great steps in finding her own way.

Samantha: the last kid living at home. Single child status is a double edged sword, she has discovered. She gets the benefit of mom and dad having more time and money, but mom and dad also have more time to keep tabs on her! Entering eleventh grade this fall, she has already chosen her college (Dordt College in Iowa) and her back-up college (Huntington University's Haupert Institute for Agricultural Studies in Indiana), because you should always have a "Plan B". Public school suits her and God has used it to grow her faith.

Sam still works for tractor Supply part-time and full-time at the firehouse. Both of Sam's parents and his older brother passed away in the last two years. So much loss has taught us to "seize the day," so we have created a bucket list and already started to check items off!

I now work for a local graphic design/imaging company, sewing fabric and vinyl banners. It's part-time and the hours are perfect for me. The extra money funds our adventures/bucket list. I love working there (what's not to love: sewing and getting paid for it!). Once we get the house unpacked, I'll start sewing and selling clothing again, just on a smaller scale.

One of my goals is get back into writing again. So today is the start. :)

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