Saturday, February 2, 2008

Day of discovery

Yesterday we learned that Rachel has Pernio. Basically the purple swollen toe is from her foot getting cold and all the blood vessels squeezing in response, shrinking the blood supply. So the doctor's reccommendation once he learned that Abby had Raynauds Move south. Apparently my children are "allergic" to the cold.

The other thing we learned was that the goat that died a few months ago, (Not one of our goats but the goat of one of the kids in our 4H group) died of meningeoencephealitis caused by the meningeal worm. So I now have become well versed in yet another rare and bizarre disease of the goat. Why can't the animals around here get anything "normal"?

The good news, if there is any, is I was correct in my initial diagnosis of this goat. It was definitely neurological in nature and the fatality rate is just about 100%.

Since the life cycle of the meningeal worm involves snails and slugs, the family is now looking at installing a "Slug Sahara" around their pastures. The other fix is to put chickens in the pens with the goats. The chickens will eat the slugs and break the life cycle.

We also discovered that beneath the walls in our basement is wallboard with 1970s wall paper on it. All I can say is no wonder the previous owners covered it up! We also learned that Sam will have to replace the wallboard over the door because it is covered in mold. I hesitate to say, "That wil be an easy fix," since from past experience, he will pull down the old wallboard to find a huge disaster that will halt the project for 6-8 months. Nothing in this house is as it seems.

So yesterday was a day of discovery: two new diseases and scary things under the basement walls.
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